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  • World wide experience

Dalsem is a Dutch greenhouse specialist with a strong international focus and global experience. We are capable of developing a customised greenhouse project for any climate conditions and any climate zone.

Whether for a land, sea, tropical, subtropical or desert climate, Dalsem has the perfect solution to create the optimal growing conditions, under either glass or plastic. With more than 80 years of experience, Dalsem has a huge head start in terms of knowledge, expertise and implementation, irrespective of the grower’s or investor’s production needs.

A stable greenhouse climate all year round

Although there are no limitations from a technical perspective, the cooling and heating costs understandably play an essential role. Thanks to Dalsem’s extensive knowledge and experience, the company is able to custom-develop a system for any type of climate. 

Its fully integrated systems for heating and cooling ensure that the conditions in the greenhouse remain stable all year round. The final design of the system will depend on the local situation. Dalsem draws on its global experience to devise the optimal solution for every challenge.

Own design

In a high-tech greenhouse complex, the systems which maintain the right indoor conditions are controlled by climate computers. Dalsem designs, manufactures and integrates all the necessary apparatus and equipment for that purpose – such as boilers and power, irrigation and fertilisation units – in its own factory in Den Hoorn.

Furthermore, Dalsem offers a wide assortment of electrical installations ranging from mechanical harvesting and internal transport systems to systems which automatically monitor plant growth.


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