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A leading greenhouse construction company in the world

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  • We are Dalsem

We develop and realise complete high-tech horticulture projects that yields the highest quality and maximum quantity produce in the shortest of time. Dalsem provides all required tools to allow the grower to maximize on the production, by controlling the climate and irrigation for the plants. All parts of the greenhouse, the installations and systems are manufactured in our Dutch factory. 

Sustainable solutions

We look for additional advantages which make investing in horticulture even more attractive. Utilisation of waste heat, alternative fuels, geothermal sources and CO2 from nearby industrial facilities.


Unique to Dalsem
The complete control of both design, manufacturing and execution of the project is unique to our company. All is integrated to a full functioning greenhouse operation. Training, management and consultancy to ensure the right conditions for growth, will make your project complete. In each horticultural project, we strive to ensure that the customer achieves the optimum yield.
For more information about our company and our factory, please browse through our website or contact our
head office +31-(0)15-269 5800 in Den Hoorn, the Netherlands.

We will be happy to assist. 


或致电:+31 (0)15 269 5800(前台)

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