Greenhouse roof construction

Venlo greenhouse has a self-supporting roof 

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  • Greenhouse roof construction

The roof of a Venlo greenhouse is self-supporting and is made from aluminium. The aluminium box gutter is a structural element.

The design takes account of the fact that a greenhouse roof cleaner and/or a repair shuttle can travel through the gutter and that a service rail can be attached at the end of the gutter. The gutter collects rainwater and feeds it down the slope towards the gable ends. The gutter also drains away the condensation that collects in the gutter on the inside of the greenhouse.

This enables condensation and rainwater to be drained off separately.
The roof bars are attached to the box gutter. The roof bar stability is very important to the roof structure as a whole. Therefore, specific steps are performed in the Dalsem factory which determine with millimetre precision how the roof bars should be positioned and subsequently fixed in place when the glass panels are installed.



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