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Video: 100 hectare greenhouse project in Russia

Agro-Invest is a turn-key greenhouse project in the Kaluga region, a special economic zone located 300 km from Moscow, Russia. The first 20 hectares of the 238 hectare greenhouse complex has been operational for 18 months. Partners Dalsem and Hoogendoorn Growth Management have captured this inspiring project on video, where the creation of this turn-key project is outlined.

The Agro-Invest project features a 40MWe power plant for generation of heat, power and CO2, high light levels and intermediate lighting, irrigation water re-use, integrated propagation area with own seeding facilities, germination facilities and a grading system suitable for all type of cucumbers and tomatoes.

Agro-Invest successfully completed its first growing season

The company Agro-Invest operates complete greenhouses in Russia. Their goal is to become self-sufficient in the production of vegetables in the future. Dalsem was appointed to this task of constructing the complete greenhouse. Hoogendoorn was chosen to provide high tech automation solutions to control all processes in the greenhouse.

Agro-Invest’s new 20 hectares greenhouse, located in the Kaluga region of Russia, has successfully completed its first growing season January 2015. The greenhouse comprises 10 ha for the production of tomatoes (four varieties: one beef tomato variety, one truss tomato variety and two varieties of cherry tomatoes), 8 hectares of cucumbers and a 2-hectare propagation area for young plants and seedlings, plus a packing area/irrigation room and an energy building.

This greenhouse complex will make a tangible contribution to the region’s goal of becoming self-sufficient in the production of vegetables in the longer term. This is the first stage of a project which will ultimately comprise a total of 100 hectares of greenhouse on 238 hectares of land.


Watch full video: www.community.greentech.nl


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