Marcel Boesenach

Finance Director

Marcel Boesenach

‘Dalsem facilitates applications for export financing’

“Dalsem offers a very wide range of advice and support, even as far as facilitating applications for export financing, for instance. We can help and advice on various forms of payment securities. If the customer has no experience of working with letters of credit we can even act as an intermediary between the customer and their bank.”

Important customer-related factors
“Finding a suitable form of payment security for all concerned is a time-consuming process. It’s not always easy to secure the financial funds needed to invest in a complete greenhouse project, not least because of recent economic and global developments. We support our customers in that process by initiating and maintaining contact with Atradius Dutch State Business in the pursuit of possible export financing. There are a number of important customer-related factors which improve the chances of success, such as good liquidity, a professional management team, a sound business plan, an environmental impact assessment report and bank guarantees.”

Interplay between customers and authorities
“Dalsem has been a dependable partner since 1932 and has built up a strong reputation within the international horticulture sector for large-scale, turnkey greenhouse projects. Over the decades, the company has successfully completed countless projects all over the world. The credit system and financing has changed considerably compared with the period before the recent financial crisis. Although funding remains primarily the responsibility of the parties involved, Dalsem can assist customers in the financing process. 

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