Marcel Fransen

Sales Office Manager

Marcel Fransen

‘All the disciplines come together in a complete horticultural project’

“My day-to-day work entails planning and calculations for complete horticultural projects. I’m also the initial point of contact for new customers and I provide service to existing ones. I help clients with aspects such as heating, cooling, screening, irrigation, electricity and so on. What I enjoy most about project support is seeing how all the disciplines come together. The communication lines are short within Dalsem and the various departments work very well together because we have everything we need in-house. Dialogue is easy and we reach agreement quickly and efficiently; after all, we’re all part of the same company.”

President and king
“I’ve been at Dalsem for 25 years. I come from a horticultural family, and I became increasingly interested in international horticulture during my time as a student. I was so fascinated by the sector that I applied to work at Dalsem immediately after graduating. With such a wide variety of customers, projects and cultures, the work is very challenging yet very enjoyable. For instance, we’ve even constructed a greenhouse for a president in Turkmenistan and for a Middle Eastern king. Another special project is one in the UK: it involves tomatoes grown purely for their flavour, with the yield per square metre being less important.”

Woudseweg 9
2635 CG Den Hoorn, The Netherlands
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