Omid Amani

Export Area Manager

Omid Amani

‘Setting up a horticultue project is my speciality’

“In the ten years that I’ve been working at Dalsem, I’ve always been involved in selling high-tech greenhouse complexes to customers in the Middle East. I’ve become a specialist in setting up complete mushroom farms, compost companies and greenhouses. My role is always very interesting since I’m required to supervise complete projects in different parts of the world. I particularly enjoy travelling, maintaining good relationships with existing customers and getting to know new clients and their cultures.”

Education and training
“My very first complete compost project, which I sold seven years ago, has since been extended in three phases. I regard that as a nice compliment. 
In Middle Eastern countries, Dalsem also provides education and training so that local employees can run the production company themselves within the space of a few months. The construction work is also done by locals. Hence, the projects always help to boost the economy and prosperity in the region.”

Woudseweg 9
2635 CG Den Hoorn, The Netherlands
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