Piet van Rij

Purchase Director

Piet van Rij

‘We always deliver on our promises’

“I’ve been working at Dalsem for over 30 years, and I’ve built up a wealth of experience in that time. I apply that knowledge every day in my search for top-quality materials. Not only do the high-tech greenhouses designed and installed by Dalsem have to perform reliably but they must also offer the right price-quality ratio. That’s how we’re known in the market: as a dependable supplier of high-quality, sustainable greenhouses.”

Delivery certainty
“My number one priority is to deliver the very best quality. That requires careful selection of suppliers. Quality is more than a matter of good materials; above all, it’s about the quality of the people involved and about delivery certainty. Dalsem guarantees that its projects are delivered as planned and to the customer’s satisfaction. We achieve that by consistently putting quality first – from the initial preparations right through to final completion. We always deliver on our promises, and that includes promises about materials, quantities, quality, delivery times and delivery locations.”

International arena
“When it comes to materials sourcing, Dalsem has got clear insight into the international arena. We always carefully weigh up the various alternatives on offer to us. Quality and delivery reliability are our most important considerations when making choices. Based on those criteria, we decide whether to purchase raw materials locally or to opt for the certainty offered by Dutch quality. Hence, customers who work with Dalsem on a greenhouse project are assured of the very best quality, without a doubt.”

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