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Complete greenhouse projects in the hand of one company saves time and money

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Dalsem is a specialist in complete high-tech greenhouse projects. At Dalsem we design, manufacture and install complete greenhouse facilities, fully aligned with each customer’s requirements. Because we have all the required disciplines in-house, we are capable of delivering turnkey projects.


This means that we not only produce the greenhouse itself but also all the necessary systems – such as for heating, cooling, irrigation and electricity – at our manufacturing plant in Den Hoorn. We even produce the control systems for vent openings, screening and fertilisation units, for example. Having everything under one roof at Dalsem offers numerous benefits for our customers: clear communication, a single point of contact and savings in terms of both time and money!

No technical challenge is too great

The sheer extent of our technical capabilities makes Dalsem one of the world’s leading companies for turnkey greenhouse projects. A Dalsem greenhouse guarantees higher and faster production of top-quality crops. And our experience is not limited to a particular horticultural segment or specific climate zones; over the years, we have successfully completed high-profile greenhouse projects for vegetables, flowers and pot plants in all four corners of the world.

There are numerous advantages associated with working with a single, experienced greenhouse supplier in the horticultural industry:

  • Dalsem eases the burden on its customers by taking care of the entire process from start to finish, from optimisation, planning and preparation to installation.

  • Dalsem arranges the design and manufacture of all the equipment and systems required for a high-tech greenhouse project.

  • As the main point of contact Dalsem is responsible for all aspects of the complete greenhouse project, which avoids misunderstandings with third parties.

  • Dalsem designs and constructs all the components itself, thus guaranteeing the very best quality for each complete greenhouse project.

  • Dalsem has gained extensive experience on projects around the world, resulting in a wealth of knowledge and expertise about all climate zones and crop types. 






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