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  • Water storage

Fresh water is a scarce resource in many parts of the world. Water storage is essential for every horticultural company, whether in the form of rainwater storage, drainage water storage or the storage of recirculation water, since sufficient irrigation water must be available round the clock. It is also important to create a closed-loop cultivation system which allows the water to be recirculated.

There are several different water storage methods:

  • Reservoir
  • Water tank or water silo
  • Underground water storage system

A reservoir can be dug to any required size. This means that it can hold a lot of water, plus this solution is relatively inexpensive.


One disadvantage is that a reservoir takes up a lot of space. In contrast, a water tank is compact and can be installed either indoors or outdoors. Rainwater can also be stored underground, such as in an aquifer. The surplus rainwater infiltrates into the ground and is recovered when needed. In the case of underwater recovery, a ‘freshwater bubble’ is created which gradually displaces the existing groundwater. The benefits of underground water storage are: space savings, greater operational reliability, protection against external factors (low temperatures, reduced growth of undesirable microorganisms) and no production of brine as a by-product.


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