A green future

Sustainable solutions for water shortage, reduction of CO2 emissions and re-use of waste heat

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  • A green future

Dalsem sets a high value on people and the environment. The high-tech greenhouse projects delivered by Dalsem provide sustainable solutions in response to specific needs of growers all over the world. The greenhouses are constructed from sustainable materials and enable environmentally friendly crop production.


Sustainable production
Dalsem’s new greenhouse concepts enable growers to cultivate high-quality crops using less water, agricultural land and fertilisers. Moreover, the water and fertilisers utilised can be collected, treated and reused to further reduce the use of water, pesticides and fungicides. This contributes to sustainable production while also saving costs.

Reduced water consumption
Water is a valuable resource. Therefore, the Dalsem irrigation systems have been specially developed to make optimal use the water by recycling it. 

High-tech systems ensure that each plant receives precisely the right amount of water and nutrients. Furthermore, growers benefit from a 40% reduction in water consumption thanks to the reuse of drainage water. This is beneficial for all growers, but especially for those operating in regions where water is scarce and hence expensive.

Demonstrable quality
Various certificates and publications attest to the sustainability of Dalsem’s greenhouses. For example, Dalsem is HortiQ certified for the quality of the materials used and the internal organisational quality. Meanwhile ISSO publications demonstrate that, in terms of design and execution, Dalsem’s projects are based on:

  •  quality
  •  light optimisation
  •  energy savings
  •  water savings




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