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Controlling the growing conditions

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  • Maximum yield

Any investment revolves around the central question: How quickly will I earn a return on my investment, and how much profit can I make? High yields at low production costs are the best path to success for growers and investors – but controls are essential in order to gain the maximum return on investment (ROI). 

Optimal growing conditions guaranteed
Control of the growing conditions guarantees a reliable yield of consistently top-quality products, and a high-tech greenhouse facility offers that control. It guarantees optimal growing conditions anywhere in the world, day after day and year after year. Furthermore, it allows growers to reliably forecast their harvests, thus forming the basis for cost-efficient planning.


Unique concept
Dalsem Horticultural Projects has a wealth of experience of a wide variety of high-tech greenhouse projects. Every day, we draw on the knowledge and expertise we have built up together with our customers over the past 80 years. In response to the ideas, desires and experiences of our customers, we are continually devising and designing innovative new systems.

But what really sets Dalsem apart is the ‘everything under one roof’ approach which enables the company to independently deliver complete, turnkey greenhouse projects from start to finish. Investing in a Dalsem project means investing in a project with the highest possible ROI.


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