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Wide assortment of high-quality vegetables all year round 

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A year-round supply of a wide assortment of high-quality vegetables

Krugly God sells the majority of its products locally, including to retailers. The company strives to offer customers a year-round supply of a wide assortment of high-quality vegetables. In fact, Krugly God literally means ‘all year round’. The company chose Dalsem for its most recent expansion, not least because Krugly God’s financier made it a precondition to work with a reliable and financially sound partner.

Tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuces
The project in St. Petersburg has a number of unique characteristics, not least the combination of three different crops – tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce – at a single production location. Furthermore, the company works with two nursery departments where it propagates and grows its own tomatoes and cucumbers using trolleys, an ebb-and-flow system and recycled irrigation water.

Greater labour efficiency and increased productivity
The cucumber production is based on a mechanised hoistable crop system whereby the high wire hooks can be adjusted automatically. This has considerably improved the labour efficiency, since that activity normally has to be performed manually. The cucumber department also has intermediate lighting, which can likewise be adjusted automatically, and this has significantly increased productivity.

For Krugly God, Dalsem constructed a complex water purification installation, the main features of which are: iron removal, deep-bed filtration for coarse pre-filtration and a reverse osmosis (RO) unit. For lettuce production, the company opted for a gutter system which includes automatic filling with stone wool.

Overcoming the temperature difference
The St. Petersburg area of Russia has a continental climate which means a significant temperature difference between summer (+30°C) and winter (-37°C). The ideal temperature for winter production is 18°C; hence, a difference of 55 degrees must be overcome. Those climate conditions had consequences for the design and construction of the greenhouse complex.

Extra insulating layer
When designing the greenhouse construction, the Dalsem specialists took account of the high snow load in this region, plus the extra demands the production methods would place on the greenhouse. For this project, 4cm-thick sandwich panels were also applied on the northern side of the greenhouse complex as an extra insulating layer in view of the cold, biting wind and associated low temperatures. In view of the warm summers, a high-pressure misting system was installed.

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