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Quality and quantity production

Mordovia is an autonomous republic of Russia, situated between Moscow and the lower reaches of the River Volga. It comprises over 26,000km² and has around one million inhabitants. In the town of Tengushevo, Dalsem recently built a modern 3-hectare rose greenhouse complex in the fourth phase of World of Flowers’ expansion. That company has built up a 12-hectare business since 2006, with Dalsem constructing blocks of 3 hectares at a time, in Kadoshkino (Central Mordovia), Kadoshkino and Tengushevo (in the north east of the country) respectively.

High-tech greenhouse in line with World of Flowers’ needs
Dalsem is understandably proud of being chosen by World of Flowers for each phase. Dalsem takes care of the entire project each time, from design to realisation. The Dalsem specialists advise World of Flowers on the latest techniques so that at the end of each phase a high-tech greenhouse is delivered which meets the customer’s needs. The starting point is the perfect balance between top-quality roses and the highest possible yield. Hence, Dalsem and the customer work together to find the right techniques which will optimise the return on investment (ROI).

Technical support is part of the service
A Dutch grower heads up the management and technical support activities. With an annual production of 7.9 million roses in 20 different varieties and a revenue of over 200 million rouble in 2013, World of Flowers has developed a very profitable business. The roses are sold on the Russian market (local-for-local production). Furthermore, this project has created numerous extra jobs for the local population.

Anti-snow heating for extremely cold weather
The climate in Mordovia is characterised by cold winters of down to -36°C and warm summers of up to +30°C. In order to cope with the cold winter conditions in particular, the greenhouse complex includes a snow melting heating system. This comprises two pipes under the roof gutter which help to melt the snow quickly. The company also has a heating system with extra back-up, i.e. with double boilers.

High-tech greenhouse and work space
Both the greenhouse and the work space feature a range of high-tech solutions that have come from the Dalsem factory in Den Hoorn. Some of those technical features are:

  • double heating boilers
  • irrigation and fertilisation units
  • climate computer
  • electrical control panels for automatic control of all processes
  • growing tube between the plants (tube rail system)
  • double screening (against excess sunlight during the day and as an energy cover at night)
  • lighting
  • reuse of irrigation water (recirculation, growing substrate)
  • high-pressure misting to lower the temperature in the summer


Dutch quality guaranteed
The entire greenhouse construction, including all the essential technical equipment and systems, has come from Dalsem’s own factory in Den Hoorn. As a result, all the individual elements and systems fit together seamlessly. A second benefit for World of Flowers is that any adjustments and optimisations can be made more quickly. Since Dalsem has all the disciplines under one roof, the communication lines are short and effective.


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