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Another high-tech greenhouse for San Jose

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Another high-tech greenhouse for San Jose

The collaboration between San Jose – a large-scale tomato producer in Mexico – and Dalsem is based on a long and fruitful history. Dalsem built a 10.6-hectare high-tech greenhouse for San Jose in 2005, and that was followed by a turnkey project for 10.7ha a year later. Dalsem supplied all the solutions for the construction of complete greenhouse complexes for both of these horticultural projects, including all the necessary systems for irrigation, heating, cooling, screening and electricity.

In the subsequent years, the Mexican tomato company continued to expand, although primarily by adding plastic greenhouses. When another expansion opportunity for a further 2.5ha arose in 2014, San Jose decided to build a high-tech Venlo greenhouse with a width of 9.6 metres and a post height of 6.7 metres. In view of the company’s full satisfaction with the previous projects, there was no hesitation in contacting Dalsem again.

Climate conditions determine the technical specifications of a greenhouse
San Jose is a large-scale producer of tomatoes which are primarily exported to the USA. The main advantages of production in Mexico are the lower costs of land and labour compared with the USA. Moreover thanks to the higher geographical elevation of the production location, which is situated at 1,900 metres above sea level, the greenhouse receives more natural light at an acceptable temperature. As a result of this combination, the production per square metre at the tomato production facility is very high. However, the fuel burner has less capacity since the atmospheric pressure is lower at this altitude. Therefore, a larger burner was required. Dalsem has extensive experience in all such aspects. After all, in Dalsem’s approach, the climate conditions always effect the technical specifications of the greenhouse.

Diffuse glass prevents burning
The 2.5ha greenhouse features diffuse glass which reduces the amount of direct sunlight on the plants and hence prevents burning or scorching. At the same time the diffuse glass increases the amount of light reaching between the plants, with a higher yield as the result.

Ventilation stimulates an active crop
The roof features double-action vent openings to stimulate the air exchange and create more ventilation. This extra ventilation produces a more active crop with increased evaporation which in turn boosts the yield. Furthermore, ventilation helps to keep the tomato plants cool at night which is good for their fruit production.

A growing substrate saves water
Dalsem ensures that the available water is used responsibly. A cultivation system based on gutters and substrates saves a considerable amount of water. In addition, the irrigation water is recycled.


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